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“Guidance of the Heart”

with Christina and Robin Kaiser

0:00:00h Welcome & introduction of Christina’s speaking part.
A light network

0:04:56h Aliens
Social & cultural views on extraterrestrials, Extraterrestrials incarnated as humans, The help of extraterrestrials.

0:15:53h Incarnate & connectedness
Unity, Faith

0:20:56h Inner stop
We are not alone in the universe, beliefs and world views, truth

0:29:31h Governments and the truth
Aliens, Manifesting the Truth

0:36:21h Responsibility & Change
Our creative power and salvation, Everything begins in consciousness

0:41:50h Aliens & topics in general
Extraterrestrials and a possible official contact, issues and attitudes towards them.

0:47:17h Introducing Robin’s speaking part.

0:48:26h The forgotten home
Remembering Home, Robin’s Picture, The Cosmic Song

0:55:27h The role of man
A Questionable Belief, The Value of Forgetting, Subtle Beings and the Human Being, The Emotional Spectrum of Feeling.

1:04:30h Memories of the light
The Longing for Home, The Spirit of Gaia

1:10:12h Incarnation intention
Remembering why we are here

1:14:35h The one consciousness
Different bodies of the same consciousness, The way back to oneself

1:22:06h Free will, love and truth
Recognizing who is sympathetic and who is not, What we have taught ourselves and the truth, The final moderation of the speaking part.

1:28:53h Anmoderation of the question part
Searching for paradise within ourselves

1:31:20h Why does evil exist?
The plan in the beginning, The belief in war, Christina’s theory about the existence of the unlight, Unlight babies.

1:40:32h A question about Christina’s perception

1:42:03h Are unlit babies born in ruling families?
Unconscious soul reincarnation contracts, conscious and unconscious unconscious beings.

1:46:47h Are there soulless bodies?

1:48:53h What is consciousness, mind & spirit?
Feeling instead of terminology

1:52:26h Dealing with people
Dealing with people nearby who change strangely, Energetic cleansing and energy work, Saying no, judging and condemning.

2:02:22h How to protect yourself from the unlight?
Protection and when it becomes too much of it, The intention from which protection is created

2:09:46h Cleaning about the source
Memories and beliefs

2:14:10h Has there been a major breakthrough recently?
Energetic influences, The subtle purification of the earth, About ascension, The purification of the solar system, How the unlight forces want to prevent the purification.

2:27:03h What happens to all those who remain on earth?
About Ascension to the 5th Dimension, Perceptual Skinning in Ascension

2:33:41h Why it won’t be like Atlantis today
The purification today and Atlantis then

2:37:42h Secret technologies
Free energy and consciousness

2:41:34h Robin’s questions for Christina
Christina’s normality and naturalness

2:46:54h The Earth
How is the earth doing right now, The love and choices of the earth, The creators of the earth

2:53:45h Christina’s vision of the good
Why everything comes good in the end

2:58:02h Learning needs no suffering
How learning is possible without suffering, Serving love

3:04:44h Meditation & Introduction to Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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