LoveStream 03


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part

0:02:44h The most important
The love
Superposition by energy fields
The collective and its supporters
Aliens incarnating as humans

0:07:19h Incarnate
The planning
The spiritual team
Why we are here
Fear and oblivion

0:10:53h Fear and worry
What fear is all about
Walk out of fear
Think positive

0:16:49h A laborious phase
The film parable
This is not the end of everything
Christina’s view of the end of the phase
Remember the good

0:21:21h The news has never been positive
The unlight is in a hurry

0:23:45h We are light
Energy body
The idea of being light
Solve problems

0:27:35h What remains
Without the tragedy
Give love
It does not depend on the size

0:32:35h Karma
The energy we send out…

0:34:35h Getting through this time well
The raindrop parable

0:46:27h Want the perfect world
Networking with like-minded people
Keeping the light on earth
We have help
Doing what we are here to do

0:52:48h What makes us tick
Animate and inanimate
The absence of love
What we really are
Open awareness

0:58:48h Final moderation of the speaking part.

0:59:39h break
With music by Alexander Aandersan

1:18:25h Moderator of the question part

1:19:31h Vaccinations
The intention of the Unlicht with the vaccinations
Explaining his “no”, to vaccination
There is no general solution
Dealing with children

1:28:42h Raise awareness
Think positive
Pray for help
Remember the light

1:37:04h A question of time
From hopelessness
The progress of people
The earth wants to love
Our help

1:44:40h Why we forget where we come from
Does the unlight exist in higher dimensions?
The veil of forgetfulness
Fall asleep

1:50:23h Sanctimonious
How to recognize them

1:52:10h Tons of spaceships
Space ships flying around the earth
The Galactic Federation
Aliens and politics

1:59:47h Timelines
Those who will go
Timeline separation

2:05:02h Supplies
Food and water

2:08:09h 5g satellites
Travel with consciousness

2:12:04h Planning future cities
Sacred geometry
The effect of consciousness on one’s own creation

2:16:43h The frequency of truth
Become open

2:20:07h The surprise of the 3rd Love Stream

2:22:16h Meditation

2:26:48h Farewell

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